What is a Personal Accident Insurance?

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What exactly is personal accident coverage?

When an unplanned accident results in a personal injury, broken bones, disability, death, or other types of physical trauma, personal accident insurance offers insurance coverage in the form of medical bill reimbursement and partial income recovery.

Which insurance provider is putting this policy underwritten?

XA Public Company Limited Insurance

What characteristics does coverage for personal accidents have?

Your Personal Accident Insurance coverage can be readily modified to match your needs. There are many levels of coverage offered by various insurance plans, and you can expand your current plan with new coverages. Among the modifications are:

accidental mutilation, loss of limbs, blindness, or total and permanent impairment

speech, hearing, finger, and toe loss

reimbursement for medical expenses per chance

While hospitalised, daily compensation (up to 20 days per accident)

Which mishaps or injuries are protected under accident insurance?

Most types of bodily injury sustained in automobile accidents or other mishaps will be covered by your insurance policy. The most fundamental plan does not, however, cover all conditions or lifestyles, including scuba diving, so you may need to tailor your insurance coverage to include extra protection.

What further protection is offered?

While riding a motorcycle, covered

Covered if harmed or killed

covered when engaging in a risky or hazardous sport

What are extreme and dangerous sports?

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racing in a boat or car, skiing, including jet skiing, skating, boxing, or parachute jumping (excluding for the aim of saving lives), getting on or in a hot air balloon, gliding, bungee jumping, and diving underwater while wearing a breathing apparatus and an oxygen tank.

How old does the applicant need to be?

Ages range from 1 to 65 as of the application date.

How do I use Roojai to purchase personal accident insurance online?

Respond to the health inquiries on our website.

Read the fine print of the chosen plan.

Complete the form by giving the beneficiary’s name and the commencement date.

Pay online, then wait for the email confirming the transaction.

Which payment options are offered?

Your personal accident insurance can be paid for in one of the following ways:

either a debit or credit card