Find the ideal wall-mounted water closets for your bathroom

With its modern and sleek design, space-saving abilities, and easy-to-cleanness, getting a wall-mounted water closet has been popular for years. However, finding the best wall-mounted closets can take a lot of work when you need to be familiar with the options and features on the market. You will learn some tips to get the ideal wall-mounted for your bathroom to save you some time.

Check the flush system

Wall-mounted water closets have different flush systems that offer dual, pressure-assisted, and gravity-fed flush. When you use a dual flush, it helps you save more water when using the toilet. The gravity-fed flush is the usual method, using force to flush your waste. The pressure-assisted systems have to use compressed air to force the water out, where it is more efficient. You can choose what type of flush system you like and what it fits to your budget or needs.

Weight capacity

Wall-mounted water closets help support the user’s weight. Before buying anything, look at the water closet’s weight capacity. The usual wall mounted water closet can support up to 440 pounds, but it is necessary to find a model that can accommodate the ideal weight of all users.

Determine the water efficiency

You must understand that water efficiency is essential when looking for a wall-mounted water closet. Try to look for models with low flow rates or dual flush systems to help you conserve some water. A low-flow rate water closet will save you up to 16,000 gallons yearly.

Style and design

A wall-mounted water closet comes in different styles and designs, so it is better to find one that will match your bathroom’s decoration. You must consider the water closet’s shape, color, and style to ensure it matches the overall design.

Measure your space

Before you get a wall-mounted water closet, you must measure the space where you want to install it. This will help you determine the shape and size of the water closet that will fit the space. You must also ensure you get a suitable space between the water closet and other bathroom fixtures like the bathtub and sink.

Buy from a good brand

When looking for a wall-mounted water closet, you must get a good brand that offers the best quality and sales service. You can check the ratings and reviews of the brand and model you are considering to ensure you make the best choice.

Assess about maintenance

Wall-mounted water closets are easier to clean than floor-mounted ones. But some toilet models need more maintenance where you can check on features like antibacterial coatings or rimless designs. When you get the type of toilet for your bathroom, it will be easier for you to clean and maintain it.

Looking for the best water closet for your bathroom needs to be well thought out, and it can be overwhelming to find as there are many options you can choose. But considering factors like the toilet’s size, style, and design, you must make a good choice. These tips can help you get a good water closet that can improve the style and functionality of your bathroom for years.