Where To Buy Best Microphones For Live Streaming

Each streamer knows that stream quality is an essential factor in successful live streaming. However, stream quality is more than a high-quality picture and fancy overlays. For professional streams, the audio plays a big role too. A lot of viewers prefer listening to streams than watching them.

How to get good audio quality? The answer is to get an awesome microphone singapore! Many audio companies produce great microphones, but have pros and cons. Here are the top two best mics for live streaming:

  1. Shure SM7B
  2. Shure MV7

Choosing a streaming microphone

Here are five factors when choosing a microphone for live streaming:

  • Frequency response. It is the range of voice frequencies a mic can pick up. It is measured in Hz (Hertz) kHz (kilohertz) from lowest frequencies to highest. The golden standard for the frequency response is from 20 Hertz to 20, 000 Hertz. Anything lower or higher than the spectrum extremes is useless as a human voice can’t create such frequencies.
  • Dynamic versus condenser. Microphones can be dynamic mics or condenser mics. The difference refers to the way a mic itself is built and how it can convert sound into an electrical signal. One is not superior to the other, nor the other type is more expensive than the other. The right option depends on what you are using the mic for.

●       Condenser microphones. The condenser microphones are more sensitive than dynamic microphones, giving them great sound quality. But, that sensitivity makes them less durable compared to the dynamic mics. It has a higher potential for self-noise. Condenser mics are best for studio environments.

  • Dynamic microphones. Dynamic microphones are harder compared to condenser mics and they require less setup. They are less sensitive, so they are more forgiving on their sound quality and better suited to louder environments. Even though dynamic microphones are versatile, they don’t deal with high-frequency sounds.
  • Polar pattern. The polar pattern or directional property is inherent sensitivity to the direction of audio waves. A polar pattern is the ability of the mic to pick up the voice from various angles. These three polar patterns are:
    • Cardioid
    • Omnidirectional
    • Bidirectional

Therefore, when you are looking for a good quality mic, you can check which mic is suitable to the requirements you need. Find a good mic for live streaming or online tutorials. Or, you simply want a mic for voice calls. Each type of mic has its distinct classification