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Prednisone (Prednisolone) is a versatile medication prescribed for various conditions related to endocrine disorders (insufficient production of steroids by the body), as well as arthritis, severe psoriasis, lupus, ulcerative colitis, severe asthma and Crohn's Disease.
Also marketed as Ancortone, Deltasone, Meticorten, Nosipren and Sterapred. 
Prednisone registered trademark is the property of Watson Pharmaceuticals.


Product Information

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Uses of this medical product

Being a corticosteroid, Prednisone prevents the release of substances that cause body inflammation and suppresses the immune system. It is used for multiple medical conditions such as skin conditions, allergic disorders, ulcerative colitis, lupus, arthritis, psoriasis and breathing disorders.

How to take this drug?

Prescription drug from Canada Pharmacy Prednisone should be taken according to your doctor’s instructions and directions on the prescription label. Do not change the dosage or period of use without prior medical consult. Your doctor may change the dosage in order to receive better results.
Generic Prednisone should be taken with food.
Swallow the whole tablet without crushing or chewing it.

Side effects of this rx medication

DO NOT use the medication if you are allergic to it. If you experience any symptoms associated with allergies such as difficulty breathing, hives, swollen tongue etc., stop using the medication and seek urgent medical help.

Contact a medical specialist immediately if you experience any of the following: eye pain, blurred vision, seeing halos around lights; weight gain; swelling; shortness of breath; depression; extreme emotions; behavioral or personality changes; seizures; tarry or bloody stools; bloody cough; upper stomach pain spreading to the back; nausea and vomiting; accelerated heart rate; low potassium levels (characterized by irregular heart rate, confusion, thirst, larger volumes of urination, discomfort in the legs, muscle weakness or limpness); extremely high blood pressure (characterized by blurred vision, ear buzzing, anxiety, chest pain, shortness of breath, seizures and irregular heartbeat).

Common effects of using Prednisone include: insomnia, mood swings, gradual increase of weight, increased appetite, acne, heavier perspiration, dry skin, skin discoloration, bruising, slow healing of wounds, dizziness, headache, stomach pain, nausea, bloating, changed position or shape of body fat, especially in limbs and upper body.

Note that this list does not include all possible side effects. Other side effects might occur depending on individual health conditions.


Avoid exposure to infected people, especially those who have chicken pox or measles. These diseases might be lethal for people using steroids.
Do not take any “live” vaccination (against measles, rubella (MMR), mumps, typhoid, rotavirus, yellow fever, zoster (shingles), varicella (chickenpox) and nasal flu (influenza)) while taking the medication, as it may increase the probability of its side effects.
Do not consume alcohol while taking Generic Prednisone.

Drug interactions

Notify your medical specialist about other medications you are taking, especially: cyclosporine; St. John's wort; amphotericin B; digoxin, digitalis; warfarin, Coumadin and other blood thinners; clarithromycin, telithromycin and other antibiotics; insulin and orally distributed diabetes medications; boceprevir or telaprevir and other hepatitis C medications; birth control pills and other hormones; itraconazole, ketoconazole, posaconazole, voriconazole and other antifungal medications; atazanavir, ritonavir, saquinavir delavirdine, efavirenz, nelfinavir, nevirapine, fosamprenavir, indinavir, and other HIV or AIDS medications; NSAIDs such as aspirin, naproxen (Aleve), ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin), diclofenac, indomethacin, celecoxib, meloxicam and others; seizure medications such as carbamazepine, oxcarbazepine, fosphenytoin, phenobarbital, primidone and phenytoin; isoniazid, rifabutin, rifapentine or rifampin and other tuberculosis medications.
Other medications may interact with Prednisone as well.

What happens if I miss dose the of this medicine?

If you have missed your dose of Generic Prednisone, make sure to take it as soon as possible. However, two doses should never be taken at the same time, so if the time for the next dose has almost come, DO NOT take the dose you have missed.

Storage of this prescription medicine

The medication should be stored at room temperature, away from sunlight and moisture. Avoid storing in the bathroom or freezing.

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